Year of the Patient: StartUp Health Insights 2019 Midyear Report


2019 is shaping up to be the ‘Year of the Patient’ with investors pouring significant money into the digital health space, according to a new StartUp Health Insights 2019 Midyear Report. The report finds personalized health mega-deals such as Tencent Trusted Doctor ($250M) and Thrive Earlier Detection ($100M) topping the list as the most-funded digital health startups in Q2 2019, followed by patient empowerment focused startups as a runner up with over $680M raised.

The report also drills down progress within StartUp Health’s 11 health moonshots with Women’s Health Moonshot having the highest overall increase in funding and deal count, while Access to Care Moonshot reporting a 68% increase year-over-year in funding. For more insights, download midyear 2019 StartUp Health Insights below. 

StartUp Health Insights Background

StartUp Health collects and shares market insights because these data points tell a critical part of the health innovation story. More than simply chronicling the flow of money, this report provides a glimpse into the overall health of our health moonshots. The story beneath the top-line figures opens up new challenges as well as opportunities.