Whole30 Chicken Salad


This Whole30 Chicken Salad recipe has me convinced that, in a hypothetical universe in which every Whole30 recipe is as easy and delicious as this one, I might actually not just survive, I’d thrive. I’ve eaten it the last three days in a row for lunch and am nowhere near tired of it yet. Whether or not you plan to complete Whole30 this January (or ever), this simple and healthy chicken salad recipe is well worth making.

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While I don’t intend to complete Whole30 myself (diets that completely restrict certain foods have never resonated as strongly with me), I do appreciate the fact that it asks those who follow it to make an honest evaluation of the foods they are eating. Also, because many foods are off limits, it puts home cooking from whole ingredients at the forefront, and that is a message I embrace with gusto.

Last year, you all adored my Whole30 Vegetarian Power Bowls (it’s the #1 healthy recipe of 2018!), and these Whole30 Meatballs were another crowd pleaser. I know this Whole30 Chicken Salad will be a fast favorite too. (more…)

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