Tips and Tricks to Extend Your Garmin Cycling Device Battery


By Team Garmin

As Garmin associates and avid cyclists, we have the pleasure of not only working on Garmin devices but also using them. We know the frustration of taking a long ride and having your battery die. With cycling race season approaching, we want to share our tips and tricks to extend your Garmin cycling device battery life to help you achieve your race goals.

  1. The
    backlight can be a top cause of battery drain. Garmin cycling device displays
    are all designed to be visible in daylight, and the backlight rarely makes a
    significant difference in screen visibility. To maximize your Garmin battery
    life, turn the backlight off and/or ensure it has a 15-second time-out, even if
    you have a device with an ambient light sensor.
  • If
    you usually have your phone connected but will not be bringing it with you on
    your ride, be sure to turn off your Bluetooth or phone connection setting on
    the cycling device.
  • Use
    Battery Save Mode! You can manually start “Battery Save Mode” on your Garmin
    device, which puts the display to sleep after inactivity. Tapping the screen
    will wake it up, so you can see essential notifications like course directions
    or Varia Radar updates.
  • In
    your GPS settings, select just GPS instead of GPS+GLONASS. The GPS+GLONASS mode
    provides better positional accuracy, which works best in challenging
    environments such as in heavy tree cover or urban canyons. If you’re looking to
    maximize battery life, using only GPS is worth the trade-off for a long day
    under the open skies.
  • Use the
    Garmin Charge Power Pack. This accessory integrates directly with select Garmin
    devices as an external battery pack with the right USB charging cable.

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