The medical poison ’em by drugs profession


The American medical profession, made up of the doctor-hospital-Big Pharma-commercial industry complex, is the largest pusher of poison chemical drugs in the world.

Roughly 90 percent of American medical doctors are poisoners and murderers and certainly not healers. Millions of Americans become ill, suffer and die from the deadly adverse reactions of these poison chemical drugs, and they are all subjected to the saying of the above mentioned – “In God we trust. All others pay cash”.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine said, “Leave thy drugs in the chemists’ pots if thou cans’t heal the patient with food”.

Every cell in the body is dependent upon the blood stream for life. If the blood is burdened with poison chemical drugs, every cell in the body is affected and eventually the drugs become part of the tissues.

Some people fool themselves into believing that their bodily disturbance is cured when they no longer feel pain. But, when a bodily disturbance is suppressed by drugs, the cause will manifest elsewhere in the body. There is no cure in any drug, only additional poisoning. Understand that drugs serve only to suppress disease and raise it to a more serious condition.

Why can’t a doctor realize that the “how to live healthfully” process is more important than the “how to get rid of pain” process? The poison chemical drug adverse reactions are so devastating that the side effects are worse than the bodily disturbance that the drugs were prescribed for in the first place.

The medical profession is dependent solely on prescribing poison chemical drugs for its very survival and without these prescription drugs fostered by Big Pharma, there is very little reason for the existence of the American medical community except for those in the Emergency centers.

Because every cell in the body is dependent upon the blood stream for life, it is important that it be free as possible from poisonous substances. If the blood is saturated with drugs, every cell in the body will be affected, as the drugs will eventually become part of the tissues, and in time, will wreak havoc to an organ or organs.

Some drugs are used to paralyze nerves so that pain is not felt. Some are used as antiseptics, others as diuretics, etc. Drugs are also used for their effects upon other effects.

Some people may be fooled into believing that their disease has been cured when they don’t feel pain or develop a fever, but pain and fever are our best friends in most cases.

Some people think their stomach ache has been cured, but what if the ache has only been suppressed by the drugs and winds up somewhere else in the body? The important thing to know is that there is no cure in any drug, only a suppression. Cure comes when new cells have taken the place of the old and no drug belongs in any cells, which are to become part of the new body.

Basically, drugs only serve to suppress disease and push it back into the tissues. The wrong that is committed upon us is that the drugs are used to suppress the simplest eliminative processes through which the body rids itself of waste. When these conditions are suppressed, they can develop into chronic disease.

It is my feeling that the average person wants to live correctly and will if they know how. The problem is that some people are not ready to live correctly and they think that furthering the crime by living on coffee, doughnuts, soda, hot dogs, dairy, eggs, processed foods and anything that had a face or a mother will take away their pains and allow them to continue on a way of life that will eventually lead to ulcers, rheumatism, arthritis, cancer, etc.

The business of selling aspirin (and now GMOs to the max), alkalizers, and bromides, etc., has been thrust upon the ignorance of people who are fostering a more diseased state of affairs.

The objective of the doctor oriented in natural therapies is directly opposite to the doctors that emphasize the importance of whatever germ life is associated with disease.

The natural cure doctor is not afraid of bacteria. To him, the frantic attempts to kill bacteria at all costs seem to be approaching the problem from the wrong direction. He knows that these minute universal scavengers are everywhere and he doesn’t freak out over 30 million bacteria counted on the arms or 850 million on a postage stamp. He considers it natural for bacteria to be present in degenerative tissue because it is their function to be active there. He knows the good news – they have no detrimental effect upon healthy tissue.

Drugs do what they are claimed to do: They get rid of pains and they suppress disease, but they do not “cure.” Drugs also do not help the body replace old tissue or cleanse it.

Inorganic drugs taken into the system are not absorbed. If they can’t be eliminated through natural channels, they will settle in the tissues and organs of the body and will remain there unless living habits and proper treatments enable the body to eliminate those foreign substances and toxins.

A doctor should not poison a person with a poison chemical drug just because the person has a problem. If a doctor does not know how to do good, he should certainly cease to do evil.

Don’t you think that drug medication, no matter in what disguise, or under what name it is practiced, consists in employing, as remedies for diseases, those things which produce diseases in perfectly well persons?

Question: Why does medical science continue to look for a “miracle” drug, when the human body is the greatest “miracle” on the planet and can heal itself? Poison does not equate to wellness!


“The Mucusless Diet” by Prof Arnold Ehret

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