Tater Tots


If you haven’t eaten Tater Tots lately, let me refresh your memory: they are delicious. With deeply golden, crispy exteriors that give way to tender, creamy interiors, Tater Tots are not the sort of thing it’s possible to enjoy in moderation. Thanks to today’s lightened-up, homemade, baked Tater Tots recipe, now you can feel good piling them onto your plate!

I also took the liberty of making the Tater Tots with cheese, bacon, and chives. They remind me of mini loaded baked potatoes in a most excellent way. (If you like this idea, you’ll love this Loaded Baked Potato Dip too.)

Unlike frozen tater tots out of a bag, these Tater Tots are made with simple, real ingredients. They’re both kid and adult friendly, and you can enjoy a generous serving and still feel healthy on a weeknight.

Baked homemade tater tots (especially ones with bacon) are also super fun to make! So fun, in fact, that I made a quick video showing these homemade cheesy tots in action. Be sure to watch it below.


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