Spring Veggie Egg Cups


Celebrate spring with cheesy egg cups packed with fresh spring vegetables! Make these ahead for a quick breakfast option during the week.

What tastes fresh and filling, is packed with veggies, and comes in a kid-friendly, handheld muffin shape? Egg cups, of course! We love an egg cup or two for breakfast, (and the view from here tells us you love them, too.)

When it comes to making egg cups, the possibilities are inspiring, and endless! Here’s an egg cup that brings together seasonal spring veggies, three cheeses, and protein-rich eggs, so you can start the morning off right for your little blooming daffodils.

veggie egg cups on a plate

Egg Cups Fit for Spring

Food can help us teach our kids about nature, and seasons. These egg cups are brimming with veggies that come into season in the cooler spring months, like asparagus and peas. (If you’re lucky enough to have access to fresh eggs, you can even talk to your kids about how those, too, are seasonal!)

True, we call for frozen peas in this recipe. Because we’re moms and we’re realistic! But it’s easy to find baby frozen peas in the frozen food aisle, and they carry the fresh flavor of spring just fine.

veggie egg cups

Make-Ahead Egg Cups

Sunday meal preppers, save this recipe! Spring Veggie Egg cups can help you serve a nourishing weekday-morning breakfast in no time flat. This recipe even tastes great cold, although you can certainly warm the cups back up in a microwave or toaster oven.

Serve these egg cups with a piece of fruit and whole grain toast for a balanced, “no-thinking-required” breakfast. Wondering how long they’ll keep? For the freshest taste, enjoy these within 5 days of making them.

veggie egg cups

Tips for Making Great Egg Cups

We like to bake egg cups right in a muffin pan; no liner required. If you can get your hands on a silicone muffin pan like this one, that’s even better! In either case, dab your finger in a little butter and run it around the inside of the muffin pan before you add the egg mixture. This will prevent sticking.

Let the muffin cups cool slightly before you try to remove them from the muffin pan. They’ll get hardier and less prone to breaking after about 5-10 minutes of cooling.

Feel free to experiment! Egg cups are pretty forgiving. If you have an ingredient you’re looking to use up, or one you’d like to substitute, or even if you want to throw in an extra egg, you can.

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