Spicy Baked Salmon


If you’ve been to our house for dinner, we likely agree on two critical points: 1) I’m not Martha Stewart (5 minutes and a look at the kitchen sink will confirm) and 2) dinner was delicious anyway. Thanks to easy recipes like this Spicy Baked Salmon, all that I (and you!) need to make a gorgeous meal is a few ingredients, a big piece of foil, and a baking sheet.

This healthy baked salmon recipe is a riff on my everlasting, always reliable Baked Salmon in Foil. After making it (literally) dozens of times, I can tell you it is the very best oven baked salmon recipe.

It’s also incredibly adaptable! Instead of my usual method of using lemon and herbs, for today’s sweet and spicy baked salmon twist, I took the same core concept in a completely different direction.

This recipe is embarrassingly easy, and it’s going to make you feel like a pro chef. I love it for company because I can prep it in advance, it feels special and fancy but isn’t overtly showy, and my friends consistently rave.

I also love Spicy Baked Salmon for weeknight meals. It takes roughly five minutes to throw together, it’s healthy, and I can use the salmon in a variety of ways, as you’ll see in the serving suggestions below.

Even if you’ve never cooked fish before, this recipe is completely within your reach. You only need a couple of ingredients to make it, and the resulting Spicy Baked Salmon wow factor will have you returning to the recipe again and again. (more…)

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