Spiced Wine | Slow Cooker or Stove Top Mulled Wine Recipe


Spiced wine is on my holiday absolute-must list. I was first introduced to this festive drink (also known as mulled wine or hot wine) at a Christmas market in France, and it’s since been a recipe I look forward to making every single year. If you’re entertaining a crowd, this recipe can be made in big batches in the slow cooker, or you can quickly whip up a batch on your stovetop.

Spiced wine is popular throughout Europe, and I was hooked from the first sip. My first cup was in Lyon, France, Ben remembers having German spiced wine on a trip with his family, and I just sipped a delightful cup at a small market in Spain, despite the fact that it was 60 degrees and cold spiced wine might have been more appropriate. Let nothing stop the merry making!

Here in the U.S., outdoor Christmas markets like the one I visited in France are popping up too. Chicago’s downtown Christkindlmarket has been going strong for years, and I’m soooo excited because one just opened in Milwaukee. You best believe sampling the spiced wine for additional holiday inspiration.

Fortunately, no matter where you live, spiced wine is incredibly simple to make in your own kitchen.

I make a batch of homemade spiced wine every season and have been tweaking the recipe over the years to just the right balance of spice, sweetness, and warmth. This recipe is my absolute favorite version of it and has become a tradition my friends look forward to too.

Spiced wine will fill your home with the welcoming scent of citrus and warm spices. It’s as easy as stirring a few ingredients together on the stove or in the slow cooker, and it is guaranteed to make any evening merrier.


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