Shrimp Kabobs with Pineapple


This sweet, lightly spicy, and citrusy recipe for Pineapple Shrimp Kabobs was originally inspired by a trip I took Louisiana. Since then, it’s become a regular on our warm-weather dinner menu. Shrimp kabobs are easy to customize to include different fruits and vegetables, you can cook them on the grill, stovetop, or in the oven, and the shrimp marinade is just FIVE ingredients!

In a double rite of passage, I became a grill owner a few short days after becoming a homeowner. My purchase was an optimistic one, made with the hope that Ben might take to grilling with, if not enthusiasm, at least cooperative direction-following. Neither came to fruition. (Though he still washes dishes, so I will keep my grievances to an inaudible mumble.)

Back to the grill! Rather than miss out on the easy, healthy, and indisputably delicious genre that is grilled food, I decided to pick up my skewers and learn to grill myself. Kabob recipes were the very first I learned to master, because they are among the most simple, and the results are consistently superb.

Fajita Chicken Kabobs were my first foray into skewer-style cooking, soon followed by Grilled Pesto Chicken Skewers (DEAD EASY), and these peppy Grilled Orange Chicken Kabobs.

Eventually, shrimp kabobs came into the mix. SOLD.

No matter how many dozens of skewers I flip, shrimp kabobs are the ones I find myself returning to most.

Shrimp kabobs cook in a matter of minutes, they are easy to transition to your oven or stovetop if you don’t own a grill (or if it’s chilly or raining outside and you don’t feel like braving the elements to use it), and, because shrimp are mild, they pair well with just about any combination of fruits, vegetables, and even sausage you care to add to them.

To get us good and ready for the easy, breezy summer living that’s surely ahead, today I’m sharing my go-to shrimp kabob marinade and skewer additions, along with a few ways to switch it up.


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