Psychology Around the Net: December 15, 2018


Would you be more successful if you had a pet? Why does visiting a place from your past bring back more vivid memories? Does a significant salary difference matter when it comes to the success of a relationship?

Let’s find out all and more in this week’s Psychology Around the Net!

Does Sharing Your Life with Pets Make You More Successful? I’m just going to go ahead and guess yes.

How Returning to a Prior Context Briefly Heightens Memory Recall: It’s probably not news to you that visiting an old haunt — say, your childhood home, your high school, or basically anywhere significant happenings…well, happened — brings back memories. Maybe even clearer memories than you have when you’re not physically at that place. However, new research now shows us what’s happening in our brains that bring back those clearer, more vivid memories.

Helping People With Severe Mental Illness Live Longer and Healthier: People with severe mental illness can live as many as 15 years less than people without mental illness, and research shows this shorter life expectancy isn’t necessarily directly related to their mental health problems; rather, these people are at a higher risk for developing cardiovascular disease due not only to the weight gain some psychiatric medications cause but also due to lifestyle factors like decreased physical activity, poor diet, and smoking.

Relationships Don’t Work If Salaries Don’t Match: How much of a salary difference would it take before you would become uncomfortable in a relationship? Or, would it matter at all?

Military Units to Reunite for Mental Health Support in New VA Pilot to Prevent Suicide: Earlier this week, the Veterans Health Administration announced a pilot program with The Independence Fund, an advocacy group for wounded and ill soldiers. The program will reunite soldiers who experienced combat conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan for group therapy sessions, the hope of which is that the common bonds among the soldiers will help each one work through his or her individual post-military struggles.

Use the 10/10/10 Rule Before Making a Decision: Use this collection of mental hacks to help yourself make better decisions, manage your thoughts and feelings, gain control over your habits, and more.