Mexican Street Corn Salad


Best summer side dish ever! This creamy Mexican street corn salad (aka esquites) is incredibly easy and packed with the most amazing smoky, fresh flavors.

Consider this Mexican street corn salad the only summer side dish you even need to think about for the next couple of months. You guys, it’s so good. Like, whoa-good. I made it on a whim a few weeks ago for a quick BBQ we were hosting last minute, and I’ve made it half a dozen times since. I can’t stop. 

It’s one of those dishes that makes you squint with delicious concern and puzzlement as you work out what on earth could be in there to make you act like a complete crazy person as you elbow your way back in for seconds before you’ve even had time to finish your firsts.

It’s equal parts creamy and fresh (that lime!), and the smoky flavors + the toasted corn are insanely good.


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