Mediterranean Couscous Salad


Filled with all kinds of good-for-you ingredients, this Mediterranean Couscous Salad is as quick and easy to make as it is nutritious and delicious to eat!

You can never have too many salad recipes now, can you? This fab Mediterranean Couscous Salad is one recipe that you’ll probably want to know by heart! The good news is, it’s so easy to make, you’ll probably only need to whip it up once and then you’ll be able to replicate it at will!

Filled with loads of chickpeas, chunks of juicy tomatoes, crunchy yellow bell peppers and creamy little pearls of bocconcini, and very unpretentiously seasoned with tons of fresh basil, lemon juice, salt and pepper, this salad is super light and refreshing, yet incredibly satisfying.

Absolutely perfect in the summertime, piled right next to your favorite grilled meat, it can just as well and very easily be enjoyed any time of year, and at any time of day, too! Hey, try it for breakfast, alongside a couple of pan fried eggs, why don’t you?

Or, just enjoy it on its own, as a light vegetarian lunch or dinner… 

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