Is eating ammonia yummy?


A while ago there was another E.coli outbreak, this time in beef treated with ammonia (it is treated with ammonia in an attempt to kill bacteria). The same ammonia commonly found in floor cleaners can comprise up to 15% of many fast-food burgers. It is also used in the ground beef that goes into the U.S. school lunch program.

On 12/31/09, the New York Times published a report on the
lack of efficacy of ammonia treatment in killing salmonella and E.coli in beef
from South Dakota’s Beef Products, Inc. (BPI).
According to BPI’s website they are the largest processor, a euphemism for
murderer, of beef in the country. Their ammoniated product is used in frozen
hamburger, taco meats, low-fat hot dogs, beef-stick snacks, and is sold to
fast-food chains.

BPI uses low-grade beef trimmings (notoriously high in
microbial pathogens like E.coli, Salmonella, Lysteria, and Staph), spins off
the fat, then pumps the, if you’ll pardon the expression, beef full of ammonia
in an attempt to kill the pathogens that multiplied during the fat removal
process. Unfortunately, not all the pathogens are reduced and some might even
be increased. At present, the product ends up in 70% of hamburgers served in
the U.S.. The projection is 100% in five years.

The ammonia used in BPI’s meat(?) substance does not have to
be listed as an ingredient as it is classified as a “processing agent”.

Another slaughterhouse practice is to gas beef with carbon
monoxide as it keeps the flesh red for weeks. This deludes customers into
thinking they are getting freshly killed cow bodies despite the fact that it
has already spoiled.

In this same NYT report, it was found that the USDA whole
heartedly endorses BPI’s ammonia treatment. They believed in it so much that
they exempted BPI’s hamburger sold to the general public from any testing.

Even though the school lunch program finds tainted meat from
time to time, it continues to buy it. Apparently, the low price they pay saves
them about $1 million a year. In addition, in 2004, school lunch officials
increased the amount of BPI meat allowed in its hamburgers from 10% to 15% to
increase savings.

Despite massive recalls, disease outbreaks, and scares over
mad cow disease, the U.S. demand for beef has remained relatively constant.
Why? Because there is complete faith in “our government’s                food inspections”! Are these people

Meat that is spoiled is sold as fresh due to chemicals to
keep it red. Ground beef is made from the scrapings off the slaughter-house
floors with ammonia added to kill the bacteria. The school lunch program
continues to buy this garbage because it saves them money. And, in Hawaii, a
bill gets killed that would allow vegetarian and vegan meals to be offered in
the public schools.

All of this coming from a government of the people, by the
people, and FOR the people. God help us!



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