Instant Pot Mashed Sweet Potatoes


I hate to play Friendsgiving favorites (but to play Friendsgiving favorites), Instant Pot Mashed Sweet Potatoes are the side dish most likely to steal my heart. Not only are sweet potatoes the superior Thanksgiving vegetable (biased much?), but this foolproof method of cooking mashed sweet potatoes in a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot is transformative when you are the one hosting the feast.

We’re in our fifth year of hosting Friendsgiving. Every year, we hit the same roadblock: I run out of space in the oven.

It’s not the mad chaos of 30 guests jockeying for seats at our table—and couch, card table, and when desperate, the stairs—that irks me (my friends are excellent sports) or even the fact that last year we drank wine out of empty jam jars because I ran out of glasses.

What does give me the hostess heebie jeebies? The side dishes my friends worked hard to prepare going cold.

Between the two turkeys and 15+ sides, there’s simply not space for my oven to keep everything warm, which is why I treasure Thanksgiving recipes like these Instant Pot mashed sweet potatoes. The cooking vessel itself keeps them warm, no oven required.

The first time I cooked potatoes in a pressure cooker was when I discovered these Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes. I completely fell in love with the results. The process is incredibly easy, I only had one pot to wash at the end, and the results are fantastic. They have the best texture and flavor of any mashed potatoes I’ve tried.

I decided to try the Instant Pot approach with sweet potatoes, and oh my. They are going to have to battle it out with Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole and Glazed Sweet Potatoes for my favorite Thanksgiving side.

If Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving is in your future this year, do yourself (and your host) a favor: make a side dish that doesn’t involve the oven.

If you’re the one hosting, using appliances like the Instant Pot will give you more flexibility to use your oven for other recipes or to keep dishes hot.

If you’re the guest, watch for the gratitude in your hostess’ eyes when she sees that you arrived with a dish in something that can stay hot without having to go into her oven. Bonus points if you remember your own serving spoon. (more…)

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