Friday Thoughts: Speed Style


Hello, friends! Popping in quick today for a Friday Thoughts post (love these so much, especially your comments!).

This last month almost finished me off with a lot of behind the scenes chaotic family circumstances that don’t always shine through on recipe posts (you can thank me later for that). I have so many things running through my overfilled brain, it isn’t even funny – all the nonessentials are ready to spill out to make space for the important, stressful stuff going on.

I love sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome with you on these less food/more real life posts. So in honor of that, I’m hitting this Friday Thoughts post speed style. It’s quick, it’s quirky, it’s random!

As always, chime in on the comments. My favorite part is reading what YOU have to say (plus I’m asking for some advice, so help a girl out, ok?)!


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