Farro Risotto with Burst Tomatoes and Parmesan


Farro Risotto with Burst Tomatoes and Parmesan

Classic Italian comfort food, meet breezy summer vacation. This is Tomato Farro Risotto, and it is bursting to be your garden-fresh, leftover-friendly, let’s feel fancy without actually being fancy dinner/side dish/lunch/if I eat this for breakfast, please do not judge.

This recipe is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill.

A less-work, more-wholesome twist on regular risotto, Tomato Farro Risotto is 100% whole grain, ultra creamy, and tastes fabulous both warm and at room temperature.

We enjoyed round one for a cozy dinner on our porch, then I packed up the leftovers to take with us to an outdoor picnic with friends. It hit the spot for both occasions!

To anyone who has been intimidated by risotto: I want to stress that farro risotto is simple to make.

Farro risotto requires less tending on the stove than traditional risotto (as in, you ignore it for large portions of the recipe cook time). Further helping our cause: because farro is firm and nutty, it’s far more forgiving. (more…)

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