Exercise substitutes when you have Diastasis Recti (DR)


Hi friends! How’s the week going? I hope you’re having a great one. Today, I’m getting some Beautycounter stuff done and going to grab a quick strength workout before it’s time to pick up the crew.

This morning, I thought we could talk about substitutions for common core exercises when you have Diastasis Recti (DR). You can check out a post I did on DR here with lots of modification options. Here’s a free postpartum core guide I created a while back. 

When you have DR or are postpartum, group fitness classes can be a little tricky. What are you supposed to do while everyone around you is overworking their hip flexors I mean doing full sit-ups? What if you know something is unsafe for you but don’t want to lie there, completely clueless about what to do instead?

Before I get into some of my favorite Diastasis Recti substitutes for common core exercises, I want to point something out:

no one cares if you’re modifying.

Everyone is so focused on their own workout – especially during challenging ab sequences – to look around and judge someone who might be doing something different. I’ve had many group ex students worried that they had to muscle through certain exercises that weren’t safe and didn’t make sense for their bodies. The truth is that NO ONE is going to look at you and think, “Ew. Look at that person doing something that’s safer for them. They’re weak!” Really. They only care about their own workout. So please please do what you need to do during classes to get a safe and smart workout for yourself! As long as you’re generally doing a similar exercise as the rest of the class – so this is a little different than the student who gave a solo hula performance during one of my Zumba classes – no one will notice. (It was very obvious this particular lady was choreographing her own sultry hula routine, but in the end, she had a good time and didn’t hurt anyone, so I just thought to myself, “You go, Glen Coco.”)

Some ideas for exercises you can do to substitute more traditional ab exercises when you have Diastasis Recti:


Planking: modified plank on your knees or at a wall, cat cow, or spinal balance

Dr exercises

Dr exercises 3

Sit-ups or cruches: hip raises

Hip raises

Side plank: modify by dropping your bottom knee

Dr exercises 13

Mountain climbers: place hands on a bench and move more slowly

Leg lowers: marches or toe drops

Toe drops

Any supine combination work: heel slides

Low hollow holds: diaphragmatic breathing. Note the umbrella I put there! I chat about this a bit in the video, but you want to think of your belly as an umbrella as you inhale. Fill it up and expand. 

Diaphragmatic breathing

Ab roller exercises: modified planks, spinal balance, or cat cow

Cat cow

A quick video with my favorite Diastasis Recti- friendly exercises:


Some tips to remember during any type of core workout:

– Make sure you can complete the exercise without your core actively pushing out. If it’s pushing out, it’s a cue that you need to scale back the intensity.

– Don’t forget your pelvic floor. Practice some diaphragmatic breathing to feel your entire core (including the muscles of the pelvic floor) engaging and working. Lie on your back, relax your shoulders, and drop your ribs (so you’re shortening the amount of distance between your ribs and hip bones). Take a big inhale and fill your belly and feel your ribs expand (like your torso is an umbrella, picture it opening) and as you exhale, you’re draw the belly in (picture the umbrella closing) and engage your pelvic floor. When you involve your pelvic floor, it’s not just a clench action; it’s a LIFT. My friend Jess has a great cue for this: imagine that your pelvic floor is an elevator. Close the door, and lift up. Inhale to release. Practice this every day for a minute or so!! If you’re looking for some great pelvic floor exercises, the Hab It program is incredible. 

Think about why you’re doing something and how it functionally relates to your body. It’s not really funtional to do 100 crunches – we’re not making tiny flexing actions lifting our shoulders throughout the day – but we’re in a moving plank all day. We twist and rotate do pick up things we drop, load groceries into the car, place glasses into high shelves. Instead of going through the motions to simply get through the exercise, think about the why behind each movement you add into your fitness routine. If something doesn’t make sense for your life, skip it or find another option that works for you. 

– If you have any loss of function or symptoms following birth (like incontinence, pressure, severe bloating), get a referral to see a women’s health physical therapist. I feel like EVERY woman should see one after birth, as they’re a wealth of information and they can assess your unique situation, your muscle weaknesses/imbalances, and determine a personalized plan for you.

I hope this post was helpful!! If you need some more ideas, check out my free prenatal and postpartum core guide

Have a wonderful day, friends.



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