English Muffin Pizza


To continue this week’s (not intentional but oh-so-embraceable) theme of tasty childhood foods you may have forgotten you adore: English Muffin Pizzas!

Whole wheat English muffins are split, spread with the pizza sauce of your choice (tomato? pesto? alfredo? It’s all fair game here), then smothered in cheese and any of your favorite pizza toppings, English Muffin ‘Za is an easy, healthy, and highly personalizable dinner.

Whether you are in need of sure-to-please meals for picky eaters, fast and healthy dinners for back-to-school nights, or are a grown up looking to cook yourself something a) presentable and b) exceptionally low-maintenance, you have a reason to make English Muffin Pizzas.

Or, maybe you just have very fond memories of the jingle from the Pizza Bagels commercials and want to take a moment to relive your childhood (umm…me!). These English Muffin Pizzas hit the spot for me there too.

Also, pizza. Pizza night = happy night. It’s mathematical law.

Let’s make these English Muffin Pizzas for toddlers, for the busy parents who cook for them, for my fellow children of the ‘90s (did anyone else grow up with these??), and for all who crave an extra grin when they take a bite of their dinner tonight. These English Muffin Pizzas will make you smile. (more…)

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