Dental scams to be aware of


When I was a little kid growing up in Newark, I had a problem – sugar. I could never get enough. And the main components of my addiction were Devil Dogs, Yankee Doodles, Twinkies, and Royal Crown Cola.

Since my parents never really gave me an allowance as a young boy, I had to get creative. So, I took my wagon, walked down the street, and knocked on doors, asking people if I could collect their soda bottles. What a score. Five cents for the big ones and two cents for the little ones.

But that sugar addiction had ramifications. Teeth cavities.

Okay, you have a cavity and it gets filled with mercury. It’s a wonder I’m not brain dead. Then some years later, the nerve in the tooth dies and you have to see a “specialist” to get a root canal treatment.

Before getting into this I need to preface it with a bit of information. Prior to the 1950s, there was no such thing as root canal. The nerve dies, you pull the tooth. Also, when the 50s hit and root canal “specialists” emerged, the word gangrenous disappeared from the dental profession. Gangrene means that the blood supply to whatever has stopped, rotting is taking place, and eventually amputation may be forthcoming.

Each tooth is a vital, living organ like the liver, lungs, kidneys, etc. The root canal guys remove the guts of the tooth. And those guts are rich in nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. So, after the “specialist” cleans the canal he fills it with silly putty.

Well, it’s not really silly putty but rather some toxic substance rich in heavy metals and formaldehyde, and then caps the tooth to seal in all that good stuff. Interesting enough, the closest anatomical part for that stuff to travel to is the brain.

Then the “specialist” tells you he has saved your tooth. But, all that stuff he removed is what kept the tooth alive and now the tooth is dead. But he saved it.

There’s all kinds of stuff in that tooth like dentin, which contains thousands of things that are essential for the tooth’s survival. But when the “specialist” removes the pulp therein and there is no more blood supply, the tooth dies and decays just like the flesh of a putrefying corpse, be it a human or some animal that is eaten in this state.

The thousands of microbes that were present in the tooth degenerate into viruses, fungi, parasites and other bad bugs and over time their toxicity spreads throughout the system. When those neurotoxins enter the bone it flows to the brain and creates neurological problems that we are clueless as to their origin.

There was research done by Dr. Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky, showing that more than 90 percent of all root canal teeth are flooded with pathogens and their toxic byproducts.

The alternatives to extraction are a bridge or an implant. Really, would you really consider putting a titanium or ceramic rod into your jawbone without a guarantee that the titanium or ceramic rod will not create an adverse reaction?

Dental implants bring their own problems by creating an immune response, such as suppressing the T-cell count. Usually with implants, nutrient uptake takes a hit as well as hormone delivery and energy suppression due to meridian blockages.

Imagine a blockage in a given meridian. What do you think happens to the organs on the same meridian? Basically, it sets the stage for illness or dysfunction far from the mouth and yet we are clueless as to why we experience what we experience. Also, these disturbances created by the implants can be worsened if other metals like mercury fillings are in the mouth.

Common illness arising from implants include, but not limited to, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus and other inflammatory conditions. In other words, implants equate to poor health.

Conversely, good, healthy bone that is free of heavy metal, root canals, and implants will increase a more healthy biological system.

The solution – try to find a holistic oriented dentist that understands how and why illness arises. The bad news – they are far and few between.



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