Crispy Homemade Falafel with Garlic Tahini Sauce


Homemade Falafel is SO much better! Learn how to make this deliciously crispy, light and fluffy chickpea fritter the right way, from scratch, with good wholesome and nutritious ingredients! It’s much easier than you think!

For the longest time, I believed that falafel was extremely long and complicated to make. Pfft! I just didn’t know better… I guess it’s only because it’s not something I’m really used to making, for they were never really a part of my diet growing up. But eventually, once I got the hang of it, I came to realize that they are in fact extremely easy to make: just throw everything in the food processor and blitz away!

The only thing is that they do require a bit of planning, because the key to making good falafel is that you must absolutely, imperatively make them with dried, soaked but uncooked chickpeas. This is a case where you cannot cheat and get away with using the canned beans. Why? Because since the canned chickpeas have already been cooked, the starch molecules within them have pretty much been washed away in the cooking liquid, leaving the actual beans with very little binding power. If you try to grind them, form them into balls, and deep-fry them, they will invariably completely fall apart in the oil. Sure, there are ways to work around that, like adding flour or other binding agents to the mixture, but then the texture of the fritters will suffer big time! You end up with dense, pasty, almost doughy balls…

Trust me, starting with dry chickpeas and giving them ample time to soak is the only way to go! 

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