Chocolate Orange Party Mix


Happy Halloween! I have a sweet treat to share with you in celebration of the holiday: Chocolate Orange Party Mix. Whether you need a last-minute munchie for tonight or a clever way to use up your leftover candy on November 1st, this sweet and salty snack is a tasty, addictive choice you’ll want to revisit for future seasonal gatherings.

This recipe is sponsored by ANGOSTURA® bitters.

I grew up eating my Aunt Sharon’s party mix every holiday season. Our whole fam flocks around the container, and it’s a common tactic to scoop some into plastic bags and stash it away for later.

In addition to its nostalgia factor, party mix is one of the most appropriately named recipes of all time. It is ideal for parties! Party mix is a snap to make in advance, you can scale it to any quantity, and, as my family’s behavior can attest, it’s a crowd-pleaser. (more…)

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