Brown Lentil and Mushroom Rice


Need a change from plain white rice? This Brown Lentil and Mushroom Rice makes for a very tasty side dish but would also be perfect as a light vegetarian meal!

If you’re tired of eating plain white rice as a side dish, I’ve got a fairly easy and super tasty alternative for you…

Even better yet, this Brown Lentil and Mushroom rice could even be served as a light vegetarian meal, if you felt like it! Just maybe serve it with a little bit of steamed broccoli or sauteed sugar snap peas on the side and you’d be all set! 

Or, if brown lentils weren’t really your thing and you were more in the mood for meat, you could even turn it into a complete carnivore meal by substituting cooked ground meat for the brown lentils! 

Frankly, this is the kind of dish that you can have tons of fun playing with and that you’ll always be happy to whip up whenever you’re feeling a little low on inspiration! 

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