Baked Peaches


After a 15-pound influx of fresh peaches and a two-week intense baking spree, I was in the market for a more healthy-leaning peach dessert; one that left room for vanilla ice cream, of course. The answer: Baked Peaches!

Fresh peach halves that are split, then spooned full of a heaven-sent mix of maple syrup (or honey), brown sugar, cinnamon, and—if you are feeling dangerous—a touch of brandy, bourbon, or rum, this simple but spectacular summer dessert is destined to be a go-to.

Whether you want an easy dessert to wow your guests, an excuse to buy another box of fresh peaches before summer ends (15 pounds later, and I might not be done yet!), or a healthy way to treat yourself, look no further than Baked Peaches in maple syrup.

Baked Peaches taste like the purest, most intense version of what a fresh peach can be. They’re tender, juicy, and guaranteed to drip down your chin. (more…)

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