Bacon Wrapped Asparagus


You could fight The Bacon Effect. Or you could embrace it and make Bacon Wrapped Asparagus!

You see, no matter how many sides you serve at a party, your guests are going to go craziest for the one that’s wrapped in bacon.

It’s not personal. It’s because bacon is delicious.

And among the best of the best bacon-does-party recipes you can make: Bacon Wrapped Asparagus!

  • You can prep Bacon Wrapped Asparagus well in advance.
  • It counts as a legitimate serving of vegetables (just look at all that green!).
  • It’s a brilliant combination sensation of salty, juicy, tender, and crispy.
  • Everyone will be asking you for the recipe at the end.

When you need a slam-dunk side for easy entertaining, turn to this recipe. It does not disappoint!

OR, when you are in a vegetable rut and craving something extra tasty to serve with your dinner tonight, whip out this Bacon Wrapped Asparagus and delight every member of your household (including you!). (more…)

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