Amazing Bagel Bread {Step-by-Step}


I never knew I wanted all the deliciousness of a classic, chewy bagel in bread form until now! This amazing bagel bread is life changing! {Step by step pictures below in the post.}

Do I ever have the most delicious weekend baking project for you ever. EVER!

I teased you about this amazing bagel bread on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I’m finally making good on my promise to share the recipe with you!

It took a few more times of making and testing the bread + bribing my 14-year old to help me take step-by-step pictures (it’s shockingly hard to flip a loaf of bread into boiling water with one hand whilst snapping photos with the other).

But it’s finally here. And it is worth the wait. Plus, my teenager did not complain about his payment for picture taking being a whole loaf of this bread to himself. He did not share. I did not blame him.


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